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Cold War CIA Right To Christers' Espionage Organization , New Tribes Mission, Recalled To Langley:
Long History Of Association With Cuban 2506 Brigade, Alpha 66, Omega 7 Exposed:
Unlike CIA's Evangelicals, To Receive Chavez's Aid You Do Not Have To Become A Noxious Right To Christer And Spy For God Is On Our Side Crowd:

Assassinated Press Writer
October 15, 2005

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Members of a Venezuelan indigenous tribe on Saturday criticized President Hugo Chavez's order to expel a U.S. missionary group with long standing ties to the CIA, saying even though the decision was made in the interest of their impoverished Venezuelans there small group was benefiting from their uncanny ability to keep mum for a few gringo dollars.

Jose Kayupare of the Puinare tribe challenged Chavez's claims that the Sanford, Fla.-based New Tribes Mission, long associated with Cuban exile groups, Alpha 66, Omega 7 and the 2506 Brigade, constituted an "imperialist infiltration" that was exploiting native communities citing the 4 casinos his tribe had opened up with CIA money.

"For those of us who run businesses like brothels and coca fields funded by Mr. Kennedy's Alliance for progress and make a good living in the jungle, this really stinks. This is a decision that the majority of indigenous people in Amazonas (state), those who run drugs, arms, sell coochie and slaves and harbor enemies of the Venezuelan people, don't support and that we are not going to accept under any circumstances unless Chavez takes some of that fuckin' oil money and pays us restitution like the Bible teaches us," Kayupare told reporters. "Now I admit I'm just an ignorant Indian and I may not have any idea what the gringo bible thumpers are really up to, but I got a business to protect."

The New Tribes Mission claims it has no clandestine mission, but on its children's NTW website a story called Abeedou's Secret (Ah-bee-doo), Abeedou and his friends spot the Chief talking to two strangers. Who are they? What do they want? Soon their presence leads Abeedou and Grandmother to make a secret pact, and to make a decision that will change their lives forever. The strangers turn out to be none other than the infamous CIA operative Col. Ed Lansdale and the Vichy French counter-insurgency legend Roger Trinquier. Abeedou and his grandmother decide to make a few bucks by turning in union organizers that the gringos proceed to fly out to sea and drop from helicopters.

He said the New Tribes Mission, for a price, has helped Indian communities ravaged by malaria and other diseases in Venezuela, sometimes dropping the sick from high flying helicopters in a ritual known as the Rapture, when the old corrupt government that Chavez has replaced had abandoned them. "We learned from the CIA missionaries that Christ is a motherfucker who don't give you nothing for free," Kayupare said.

Chavez, apparently getting hold of copies of the Congressional Record, has taken note of the missionaries ties to the CIA and collecting "strategic information" on Venezuela -- charges the group denies because, under international law, they could be shot. Although Venezuela is a key oil supplier to the United States, relations between the two countries have long been strained because Chavez is taking the country's oil revenues and educating, feeding and clothing the poor without making them slaves to Christ and American intelligence. Chavez has repeatedly noted Washington's attempts to kill him. Plans to kill him also include using Right To Christer groups like the New Tribes Mission.

The government has also said the group has built luxurious camps next to poor Indian villages, circumvents Venezuelan customs by flying drugs, spies and arms in and out of dozens of private airstrips with their planes, and is conducting mining studies in the gold-rich region.

"Why don't they ask (the Indian communities) ... if they've really been abused?" asked Domingo Gonzalez, an indigenous Venezuelan working with the CIA organized group. "I've heard of this infamous Pops Buell who told the Hmong that they must give their young boys to the CIA, so the CIA could use them to fight the North Vietnamese Regular Army or he would not send them any more rice. 'No boys, No rice,' I think were his exact words. But, even though we really owe those white devils for helping us with the conquistador's diseases, that could never happen here. They'd never make us pay with our children's lives. Would they?"

"The indigenous Venezuelans need to be heard, not to be spoken for," Gonzalez said, accusing the government of being "the ones who really harm and oppress them" being so out of touch he still thought the old U.S. supported corrupt regimes were still in power.

The country's top Right To Christer evangelical organization, The Evangelical Weasels of Venezuela, issued a statement defending the CIA missionaries' work and denying the group had any ties with the U.S. government that would net them a profit. "Those fuckers exploit the Venezuelan countryside on their own dime," insisted Grand Weasel Tomaso Clines.

It said the group, aside from its CIA related espionage missionary work, was involved in programs to help Indian communities preserve their languages and customs as long as they conformed to the Bible and multi-lingual programs to teach them to speak in tongues.

Amazonas Governor Liborio Guarulla, acting on Chavez's decision, on Friday ordered New Tribe missionaries in the area to fly back to Homestead Air Force Base. There they will lunch with high level armed Cuban exile commanders and Gov. Jeb Bush before they fly on to Langley to be debriefed.

The New Tribes Mission, founded in 1942, specializes in evangelical hegemony among indigenous groups and has 3,200 spies worldwide in 17 nations. Its 160 members working in Venezuela include Canadian, British and U.S. spies, as well as about 30 Venezuelans traitors.

A partial list of other CIA front organizations include(edited for space): A. Philip Randolph Institute Accuracy In Media Afghanistan Relief Committee Air Commando Association Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association AmeriCares Foundation America's Development Foundation American Coalition for Traditional Values American Council of Christian Churches American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research American Freedom Coalition American Security Council Amigos de las Americas Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies Association of the Bay of Pigs / 2506 Brigade Baptist Church Bible Literature International Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Campus Crusade for Christ (Alfa y Omega) Center for Democracy Center for Strategic and International Studies Central America Medical and Dental Foundation Central American Mission (CAM International) Christ For The Nations Christian Aid Mission Christian Anti-Communism Crusade Christian Broadcasting Network Christian Emergency Relief Team (CERT) International Christian Missions to the Communist World / Voice of the Martyrs Christian Solidarity U.S.A. Church League of America Church of God Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints Citizens for America Coalition for a Democratic Majority Committee for the Free World Committee on the Present Danger Concerned Women for America Cooperative Housing Foundation Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere (CARE) Council for Inter-American Security Council for National Policy Council for the Defense of Freedom Council on Foreign Relations Covenant House Cuban American National Foundation Delphi Research Associates / Delphi International Eagle Forum Far East Broadcasting Company Food for the Hungry, Inc. Food for the Poor Foster Parents Plan International Free Trade Union Institute Freedom House Friends of the Americas Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Globe Missionary Evangelism Gospel Crusade, Inc. (Christian Retreat) Gospel Outreach / Verbo Ministries Heifer Project International Heritage Foundation Hermano Pablo Ministries His Name Ministries (Dennis Peacocke) Institute on Religion and Democracy Intercessors for America International Aid, Inc. International Christian Embassy Jerusalem International Church of the Foursquare Gospel International Commission for Central American Recovery and Development International Foundation for Electoral Systems International Institute of Rural Reconstruction International League for Human Rights International Medical Corps International Rescue Committee, Inc. International Voluntary Services, Inc. International Youth Commission Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Knights of Malta (Caballeros de Malta) Larry Jones International Ministries / Feed The Children Latin America Mission Latin American Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization League for Industrial Democracy Literacy and Evangelism International Living Water Teaching Luis Palau Evangelistic Association MAP International Maranatha Campus Ministries Mercy Corps International Mission Aviation Fellowship Moody Bible Institute Moral Majority Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Moskito Coast Child Find National Association of Evangelicals National Defense Council Foundation National Strategy Information Center New Tribes Mission Nicaraguan Freedom Fund OEF International Open Doors with Brother Andrew Opus Dei / Work of God Oral Roberts Evangelical Association Overseas Crusade Paralife International Praise The Lord Ministry Project HOPE Puebla Institute Reap International Religious Roundtable Salt and Light Salvadoran American Foundation Save the Children Federation Social Democrats, USA Soldier of Fortune Summer Institute of Linguistics / Wycliffe Bible Translators Technoserve The Christian and Missionary Alliance The Conservative Caucus The Navigators Thomas A. Dooley Foundation-Intermed-USA, Inc. Unification Church United States Institute of Peace Western Goals Foundation World Anti-Communist League World Freedom Foundation World Medical Relief World Relief World Vision Youth With a Mission