The Assassinated Press

Assassinating an Assassination: Charles and David Koch Confess/Finance a Willingness to Murder JFK.
In New Documentary Koch Brothers Prove JFK Was Made Out of Plywood.

The Assassinated Press

Since they spread so much evil and death around the world, many of us assume that Charles and David Koch must be sinister masterminds of the first order. But then we watch ďNOVA: Cold Case JFKĒ a short, no stumpy, documentary on PBS financed by Koch Industries, polluters to the stars or at least for now the upper atmosphere.

I canít say Iím a JFK assassination expert but I know a snow job when I see one. And the Kochs do their best to once again assassinate the truth around the JFK assassination.

Iíll point out just a few flaws in the Ďdocumentaryí:

One: We are treated to a demonstration of the fire power of the Mannilcher Carcano rifle of the type used by Lee Harvey Oswald. A bullet is fired from the rifle into three feet of plywood board. It passes through about 85% of the plywood and when exposed is still in tact, virtually undamaged.

Later we are treated to a brief comment about another intact bullet found on the gurney on which Kennedyís body was transported. It is strongly implied that this is another bullet which passed through Kennedyís body. Thatís how hard the bullet was. Passed right through Kennedy unscathed.

And these same forensic ballistic experts, the same assholes, use gelatin to simulate the same bullet passing through flesh. When this occurs there is a decided yaw to the bullet. This yaw is held responsible for the heavy deformation of another bullet, repeat --- a heavily deformed one that supposedly passed through Kennedyís neck and into the back of Texas Governor John Connally.

This leaves us with the pristine undeformed bullet on the gurney and the unlikelihood that part or all of John F. Kennedy was made of plywood and therefore would not cause a high powered bullet like that allegedly used by Oswald to yaw.

Flesh= yaw=deformed. Plywood=no yaw=not deformed e.g. bullet found on gurney.

And you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears
Take the rag and wipe off your face
We donít need to see all that drool..

Two: And oh did I mention these forensic rifle experts were shooting at a static target, level to their line of fire from perhaps 150 feet away at most. The show was so shabby it didnít even mention the distance.

Oswald, of course, would have been shooting at a moving target from an angle downward from distances of 175 to 265 feet at the Kennedy limousine.

3) And by the by, what happened to the third entry wound in middle right (observerís position) of Kennedyís back. The stupid program mentioned it once and then dropped it.

Thatís three hits, the back, the neck and the head. But then thereís the bullet that missed altogether and as documented ricocheted off the pavement and was never recovered. Thatís four shots, Sherlock. Itís unlikely Oswald could have gotten off three shots with his bolt action rifle. Four!? Eat me.

4) The geniuses that shot this film used advanced technology to digitally re-cre[m]ate Deally Plaza --- today! Isnít there some forensic specialist the Kochís could have paid off to account for the 50 intervening years?

Charles. David. A word of advice. Thinking logically is not your strong suit. Stick to your inchoate plan to destroy the planet. Something assholes like you excel at. Logic like the truth escapes you.