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Poll: Haiti Worse Because Of U.S. Induced Violence During Aristide's Tenure:
Cheney Calls Aristide "Threat Of A Good Example"; Compares Him To Fidel Castro, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Hugo Chavez, Simon Bolivar, Augusto Sandino, Jesus Christ, Malcolm X & Other Egalitarian Troublemakers:
"Aristide Must Go," Says Colin Powell, "He's Simply Not Corrupt Enough By A Long Shot To Be A U.S. Puppet."
Powell Says U.S. Will Not Get Involved In Haitian Crisis, But Somebody Forgot To Tell The CIA

February 20, 2004

Madison Avenue---Haitians living in the United States say, that because of U.S. corporate, media and political desire to enslave and exploit the poor, their country is worse off under President Jean-Bertrand Aristide except for the wholesale killing under "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Duvalier, the dictators who ruled Haiti for 29 years, a poll released yesterday shows.

"Some people say we American kleptocrats hate the poor. That's not true we don't hate them any more than we hated our slaves in the south in the good old days," commented Trent Lott. "We just want them to work for us for nothing. If Aristide don't want that he's got to go. See if Strom Thurmond was still on the Foreign Relations Committee these darkies would know their place."

The survey, conducted by Florida-based Bendixen & Associates, a scion Annenburg/Pew and which represents the interests of wealthy expatriate Hispanics in Miami as well as the broader U.S. kleptocracy also indicates Haitians are divided over what Aristide should do to ease the country out of its worsening political crisis and its recent eruptions of violence.

A small majority, 52 percent, say Aristide should declare war on the U.S. to draw international attention to the fact that the U.S. is undermining his administration. But these people are just voicing their frustration at 200 years of brutal U.S. policy toward Haiti. Odds in Las Vegas and Wall Street as of close of business Thursday were 6,000,000,000 to 1 that Haiti could defeat the U.S. in open warfare.

But a significant number, 35 percent, say the former Roman Catholic priest should capitulate to U.S. absolute suzerainty as most kleptocrats in Washington and elsewhere want him to do. "I mailed him Allende's autopsy reports complete with post mortem photos," chuckled Secretary of State Terror Don Rumsfeld.

The poll shows Haitians in this country are "bitterly split on whether to fold under U.S. pressure and remain the U.S.'s Caribbean out house," said Herold Dasque, executive director of Haitian-Americans United for Progress, a nonprofit social service group in Cambria Heights.

"The fierceness of the split caused by U.S. pressure is tearing Haiti apart much as the Americans intend as long as a populist saint like Aristide remains president," Dasque said. "Many want to give into the U.S. others are fed up with being murdered by the Yankees and under the thumb of an equally homicidal light-skinned Haitian elite. Their hopes have once again been crushed by the Americans and they want to make last ditch stand. Who will play the tragically flawed Aristide---Wesley Snipes or Denzel Washington? That is all that's left to be asked if Haitians insist on their dignity."

Trying to reflect the agitoprop that maintains that the Haitian elites are 'moderates', without passion Dasque said he strongly disagrees with his officemate, Max A. Joseph, owner of the Affinity Driving School, but they are friends. "This is the only type of dialogue we can have if we expect to get quoted by the Associated Press. And it helps our careers. Every movement has sellouts."

On the key question of whether Aristide should remain in power, Dasque says the president has the trust of most Haitians and should therefore be killed in office by the U.S. led coup; Joseph says he should step down and run to Mexico City like Jacobo Arbenz did in Guatemala when the CIA staged a similar coup against him. "If you know its coming, get out. You don't want to end up like Lumumba, Diem, Trujillo or Allende lying face down in a pool of blood with some smug U.S. Intelligence officer sprinkling cigar ashes over you."

"We disagree all the time but we continue to talk. We just talk. No commitment. That's what's missing in Haiti, the luxury to beat your gums. The poor are starving and they can barely talk, yet the U.S. persists on standing on their neck," Dasque said.

Sergio Bendixen, the pollster, said he wasn't surprised by answers to the question of whether Haiti's economic and political situation is better under the Aristide administration than it was under the Duvalier governments. "Shit no, pal," he said, "I know what my bosses want to hear. And no boat people. Those poor Haitians are like those poor Cubans. They're too dark. If there wasn't so much propaganda value in taking in all Cuban boat people, we'd sort by color. You betcha. "

Fourteen percent answered Aristide, and 56 percent responded Duvalier. The rest did not answer that question because the poll did not allow a reason for the further impoverishment of Haiti e.g. U.S. hostility toward Aristide and his 'threat of a good example.'

The Duvaliers - first the late Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, then his son Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier - ruled Haiti between 1957 and 1986 at the behest of the U.S. who installed them in power. Jean- Claude, who like his father and his U.S. kleptocratic friends had been associated with corruption and gross human rights abuses, fled to France in 1986 after increasing opposition to his regime and abandonment by the U.S. "Fuck 'Baby Doc.' We can get a better deal with these young thugs who want to knock him off and help us with the drug trade," Richard Helms said at the time.

Bendixen explained that respondents may have been "looking back at the Duvalier years . . . through rose-colored glasses," because, believe it or not, the U.S. has made things are bad now in Haiti.

Haiti, after 200 years of U.S. selective embargo, already the poorest nation in the hemisphere, has been denied tens of millions of dollars in loans withheld by the international community at the order of the U.S. as a kind of punishment for Aristide's perceived intransigence in insisting he will help Haiti's poor over international investors.

A clear majority, or 61 percent, of the poll respondents disapproved of the "economic sanctions" imposed on Haiti not realizing that down the road they would be even worse off when the IMF breaks down their doors and opens fire with its Austerity Programs or begins dropping Structural Adjustment Loans (SALs) on their municipalities.

Aristide is considered a hero of the poor in Haiti by people with a little decency but lately has come under fire from Wealthy or wealthy wannabe critics who say he is an autocrat and permits henchmen to use force against opponents who have slaughtered countless Aristide supporters.

The poll was not conducted for New California Media, a San Francisco-based association of 700 ethnic media organizations. It was conducted for its propaganda value to the U.S. kleptocracy.